Kings of Judah

The kingdom of Judah, also known as the southern kingdom, did not officially exist until the nation of Israel split after the reign of Solomon.  King Saul, King David, and King Solomon all reigned over a united nation of Israel during a 120 year time-span that can be considered the glory years of Israel.

When the nation of Israel split into two kingdoms, the southern kingdom continued with the lineage of David and the capital remained in Jerusalem.  For the purposes of this site the first three kings of the unified nation of Israel are included here because they ruled from Jerusalem.

  • King Saul
  • King David
  • King Solomon
  • King Rehoboam
  • King Abijah
  • King Asa
  • King Jehoshaphat
  • King Jehoram
  • King Ahaziah
  • King Athaliah
  • King Joash
  • King Amaziah
  • King Azariah
  • King Jotham
  • King Ahaz
  • King Hezekiah
  • King Manasseh
  • King Amon
  • King Josiah
  • King Jehoahaz
  • King Jehoiakim
  • King Jehoiachin
  • King Zedekiah

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