Kings of Israel

The Kingdom of Israel is also known as the northern kingdom in scripture.  While it is easy to do so, it shouldn’t be confused with the nation of Israel.  The kings of Israel ruled over the northern kingdom after the nation of Israel split.  Aside from the first three kings – Saul, David, and Solomon – every king of Israel or Judah only ruled over a part of the nation of Israel.  While many people use the title “king of Israel” interchangeably to mean any king, in scripture it specifically references kings of the northern kingdom after the nation split.

The northern kingdom was destroyed by the Assyrians in 722 BC while the southern kingdom continued for another 136 years, falling in 586 BC.  Because of the turmoil that existed in the northern kingdom, the reigns of the kings are often shorter than that of the southern kingdom.  Likewise, there are five separate families to hold the throne of the northern kingdom.  This is in contrast to the southern kingdom that always had a descendant of David on the throne.  For an overview of the history of the northern kingdom, see “The fall of Israel” on Online School of Theology.

  • King Jeroboam
  • King Nadab
  • King Baasha
  • King Elah
  • King Zimri
  • King Omri
  • King Ahab
  • King Ahaziah
  • King Joram
  • King Jehu
  • King Jehoahaz
  • King Joash
  • King Jeroboam II
  • King Zechariah
  • King Shallum
  • King Menahem
  • King Pekahiah
  • King Pekah
  • King Hoshea

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