Israelite Kings

There are 42 men and 1 woman who led the united nation of Israel or the northern or southern kingdoms after the nation split.  Israel was a united nation under only three kings – Saul, David, and Solomon.  This 120 year period represented the high point in the life of Israel as a nation.  Afterwards the nation was split into two kingdoms.

The northern kingdom was also known as the kingdom of Israel.  It contained the majority of the Israelites, ten tribes in total.  The southern kingdom was known as the kingdom of Judah.  While the tribes of Benjamin and Judah were in this kingdom, Judah was the much larger of the two and often Benjamin isn’t even mentioned as a part of the kingdom.  Nevertheless, it was the kingdom of Judah that Jerusalem and the temple were in.  The descendants of David were also the ones who ruled the southern kingdom.

The northern kingdom was bad throughout its existence.  Its kings ranged from bad to terribly wicked.  It was destroyed by Assyria in 722 BC.  The southern kingdom had a mixture of good kings and wicked kings.  It too was punished for its sins however and the Babylonians carried the inhabitants into exile in 586 BC.

Some kings have a great deal written about them and others there is a very short amount written.  The reigns of the kings range from 7 days (Zimri) to 55 years (Manasseh).  This site is dedicated to what the Bible tells us about each king and his (or her) place in history.